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Tailor I
Tailoring is back! Textronics' i-Tailor store is a new age bespoke tailoring shop that uses an online 3D design engine to offer customized tailoring services in real-time.

i-Tailor store brings the art of tailoring alive by turning your personal computer into a sophisticated, virtual extension of your tailoring shop. It allows you and your clients to co-create tailored garments by choosing from amongst a wide range of textiles, designs, styles, fittings and other minute detailing.

The system is a user-friendly interface that takes the users through a novel tailoring experience. Your clients can see a 3D image of the merchandise being developed in real-time.

Online Tailor Shop

  • A revolutionary mode of bespoke tailoring - offers your clients a comprehensive choices and features, they never knew existed!
  • Complete customization and attention to details for every aspect of the fabric designing - for the right look and that unique feel
  • An internet based 3D design software lends universal applicability
  • i-Tailor store enables e-commerce portals to offer online customized tailoring

Accept orders 24 x 7
The system lets you store and retrieve previous designs, measurements, and orders. For new orders, you can simply view and modify the stored details, designs, fitting required. The portal also offers quick tips for taking measurements. In-effect your clients can place tailoring orders without stepping into your shop!

Co-creation is now possible

  • Since your clients get involved and intrigued at each stage there is increased brand recall and customer retention
  • Clients co-create and approve designs on the go, hence almost zero re-working = reducing costs
  • A vast design library allows your clients to choose unique designs, colors, styles, fittings etc
  • Your clients can stay in tune with the latest in fashion and styling through regular updates and modification on your portal

i-Tailor store for e-commerce portals
The i-Tailor store has the potential to be the next big thing in e-commerce. The host of convenience features takes bespoke tailoring to a new level!

  • Users need only basic internet connectivity, allowing a universal applicability of this textile design software
  • i-Tailor store can become an excellent online sales tool offering exclusivity while being safe and hassle free
  • Since the i-Tailor store is uploaded on your WEB server there is no need for extra plug-ins
  • It allows online marketing through:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Viral marketing

Do-it yourself Tailoring

  • An elaborate 3D design software incorporates each and every aspect related tailoring
  • Design the garment yourself - choose the fit, collar, cuff and sleeve types; try out various types of fastening, pockets etc - all in real time!
  • Pick from a vast online design database like solids, patterns, self-designs, etc
  • Ponder over detailing for the back, collar height, bottom cut, cuff style, sleeve width, button styles, etc
  • Personalize your garment with a monogram. Even customize the placement and fonts for your text
  • Avail a step-by-step guide to body measuring or pick up one a standard size. Of course, you can simply choose from among previously saved personal measurements!