Future of Textile Exhibitions: Virtual TradeShows

Future of Textile Exhibitions: Virtual TradeShows 

Technological advances are becoming a boon for the industry with each passing day. Virtual exhibitions are a result of mass-digitalization (Industry 4.0) in all the industries. It has not only shown an uplift in sales but has paved the way for enhancing the user experiences and hence engaging more and more people across the world.

Virtual Textile Trade Show

A virtual trade show a.k.a virtual mill week is super smoothly transforming exhibition halls into a customized virtual exhibition. Wherein exhibitors can not only showcase their designs & merchandise but are also able to exhibit the same to any corner of the world. 

Easy Registrations, less documentation, no actual traveling, and related cost attracts more diverse exhibitors and attendees, creating a massive online audience throughout the globe for the exhibitors to share their fabric designs in innovative form by giving them the same look & feel of the fabric.

Considering this, It is not at all difficult to predict that the virtual trade show will be the future of the traditional textile trade shows.

Changing the textile industries exhibition experience 

With virtual trade shows, Exhibitors will be able to store all their designs on a centralized e-com platform where they can showcase all their designs and various fabrics, patterns on any device from anywhere. They can expand their marketing boundaries over the planet as there is no physical transport involved. Virtual tradeshows give access to the exhibitors to view all the designs 24*7 via digital design library. Exhibitors can manage their content allowing easy customization and personalization to their respective platform. 

If you still haven’t considered virtual trade shows as the future of traditional trade shows then the benefits will surely change your mind 

  1. Saves resources & cost: One of the most obvious perks of the digital trade shows is it saves setup cost, traveling & lodging cost, sampling cost, other promotional material costs, etc. and gives better user experience.
  2. No Physical Samples needed: Physical samples of the fabric swatches are not needed, the digital samples can be easily uploaded on the cloud in a jiffy!
  3. Saves Time: With decreased costs and hassle, the exhibitors, hosts, & also the attendees save a lot of travel time, sampling time, etc. Hence increasing the design time for you.
  4. Increases Design Time: Designers get more time to design unique designs & the attendees can easily check out the plethora of designs in seconds with the advanced searching filters and can instantly place the orders.
  5. Global Reach: With no restriction in the geographic boundaries, the exhibitors are free to experience the audience across the globe.
  6. Advanced search option: With virtual trade show the exhibitors get the advantage to showcase the products with ease just by the configuration of the filters and will get the results accordingly.
  7. Data Management: At physical conferences, exhibitors usually get a standard physically managed report of the footfall of the attendees.
  8. The lifespan of tradeshow: Textile Exhibitions & Tradeshows last for a couple of days to a week and is restricted to the exhibiting location, but with Virtual Trade show the exhibitors can host the exhibition for a longer period of time.
  9. Tracking the attendees: Exhibitors can track all the attendees’ information and store it online instead, making it easier to follow up with the prospective customers after the event. 
Virtual mill week with Collezioni

Collezioni for Virtual TradeShow

We, at Textronics, are constantly innovating to bridge the gap between fashion & technology for the last 3 decades and we are incredibly proud to introduce our revolutionary digital library- Collezioni for your virtual trade shows. 

Textronics believes in leveraging the textile and fashion industry with sustainable choices for improving user experience and sales at the same time. We believe that the exhibitors at a virtual trade show should have meaningful and collective interaction and create a competitive advantage in the market. 

Collezioni is a centralized platform that helps the Fashion-ate entrepreneurs and textile manufacturers, retailers to store, manage, and showcase their wide range of designs and merchandise in a precise and digital manner. It gives the exhibitors leverage to store their enormous design data in the cloud and showcase them most uniquely with 2D-3D visualization of fabric draping digitally. 

To know more contact us: https://www.textronic.com/contactus.html 

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