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It allows users

Search Design
It allows searching of designs. This working will be same as the existing design Cards.
Create Design Cards
It allows creating and saving of design cards using different card templates.
Search Design Cards
It allows users or their clients to search design cards and place orders accordingly.
Design Editing
It allows user to view designs and edit design swatches in DobbyLite.


Design Creation and Archive

Create exact fabric designs in Dobby Design and Archive your data on our secure cloud server

Create Swatch Cards

It allows you to easily create and save design cards using different card templates


Your client can select designs from the design swatches and place order directly. The designs created using the CAD design software can also be printed or shared via e-mail


Versatile, flexible and available, Design Archive is an indispensable tool that provides unprecedented value to wide range of users for design professionals and business houses ranging from manufacturing, and trading to retail and e-commerce industries.

Users can upload designs to the vast library, search for desired patterns/collections in the Google like search engine, visualize finished products with powerful 3D mapping, create design presentations, and share collections by mail or CAD / CAM software.

Thousands Of 

Opportunity To Showcase Talent And Earn Money Too.

Powerful Search Engine And 3D Mapping Engine.

Easy Sharing Of Design

Enhanced Connectivity, Communication And Accessibility.