CAD Systems

We provide a comprehensive range of CAD and CAM solutions to a variety of textile mills, fashion and fabric designers.

Our CAD/ CAM services aim at revolutionising the time taking and tedious process of textile designing at your end with just a click of the mouse.

Textiles are created precisely, right from the pre-manufacturing stage with the computer aided design, or CAD software. With our CAD and CAM solutions, we ensure quick designing, anytime anywhere. The designs are customisable and can be personalised as per requirement without any delay or loss of production, right from the computer screen.

Some more advantages of the CAD CAM solutions are:

  • Hassle-free changing of colours, scale of motifs, design details, etc.
  • Mapping of design onto a model for accurate visualisation of draping
  • Quick and easy creation of repeat patterns
  • Saves time on designing, eliminating the need of recreating
  • Designs created by CAD CAM services saved, reused, and even sent to the customer for instant approval
  • CAD systems can be linked to machines for creation of patterns and large-scale production

So, no matter which industry, our CAD CAM services are designed for the best, by the best!

Design Dobby allows you to create and translate your ideas, themes, moods and concepts into real life outputs.

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A versatile and powerful presentation tool for communicating fabric design concepts on the final application.

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Design Jacquard is a tribute to our predeccosors wherein an array of tools is provided for creating artwork interactively.

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Textronics PPC is a comprehensive solution for integrating the outputs from your CAD system with the pre-production, weaving and ERP systems.

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First-of-its-kind online library of thousands of fabric designs. A virtual design database to upload, store, search, retrieve and publish fabric concepts.

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