QR 3D - A Product Visualization

Engaging and Delightful Customer Experience.

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The Convential Process

Design Communications is based on physical Samples / CAD for sales, production, outsourcing, etc.

Customer is browsing through the various fabric but cannot imagine the final result

Customers refer to their own styles and requirements, searching designs / garments in warehouse/ physical sample files becomes more time consuming.

QR 3D Product Visualization

• Instantly visualize fabric as Shirt, Jacket, Bed, Curtains, etc.

• Enhance sales by enabling Informed decision

• ENGAGE customers to try out Endless combinations

• Attract new audience, engage and retain customers.

Store Designs on Cloud

Design Archive – Centralized Storage & Management of Design

Scanned images can be uploaded

Each design will have Unique QR Code

Dash board to manage content


Customer Experience at Stores

Dynamically showcase new arrivals to enhance sale.

Mills / Brands can centrally broadcast to COCO & FOFO stores

Let the consumer visualize selected fabrics as garments for easy purchase decision.

Sales man can showcase 3D image on iPAD, Android

Expo & Trade Show

Distributors, Agents, Dealers may view your collections in real time and place order.

Introduces Visualization of Fabric and garment styling pre-sales

Engaging and delightful customer experience.

Increases sales conversion.

Rich Product Visual Experience

Enhanced Customer Engagement, Increased Sales

Cost-Effective Time-Based Packages

Cloud Database Technology, Unlimited Products Catalogue

Social Sharing, Review-And-Rate Features

Powerful Backend Admin Panel To Help You Fully Maintain Without External Help

QR 3D Product Visualization