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3D Showroom is an Augmented Reality based ecommerce 3d product visualization software that helps you customize products and realistically display every product in all possible looks.

It allows customers to check product variations from walls and flooring to curtains and furniture – in any color or fabric.

3D Showroom transcends beyond automatic image colorization, allowing a lifelike 3D texture mapping.

This Virtual room designer app is your one-stop shop for all your home décor needs.

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Choose your desired fabric swatches, and watch the virtual draping transform your décor, with just a Click!

This virtual room designer app lets you enjoy the convenience at your fingertips!

Virtually Drape

Visualize and configure every product on the 3d product visualization software, 3D Showroom.

Choose your virtual sofa, curtain, flooring, wall paper, and create an elegant virtual house design.

Experience the look, texture and quality of your products online in real time, instantly!

Create your own virtual house design.

Need to try out fabrics and colors that work out best for your bedroom?

The 3D showroom app is the ideal solution for all your dilemmas.



3D Showroom provides you with a compelling shopping experience, like never before.

Interactively pick your desired fabric swatch, and watch it transform it into the final product form, with just a Click!

With the 3D Showroom, you can make informed decisions, without any surprise or compromise.

This virtual room designer app allows realistic draping to design your own room.

You can create furnishing mock ups- to visualize the furnishing of your room.

Thus, we redefine convenience with the virtual 3D showroom app.


The biggest challenge of textile and fashion e-commerce is to be able to address consumers’ need to evaluate how a fabric would look in real life.

Textronics provides the ultimate solution, Web Showroom, a virtual 3D showroom app to display, manage, recolor, visualize your product images and designs.

This helps your customers experience the look, texture and quality of your products online in real time, instantly!

The virtual room designer app helps answer frequently asked questions such as, ‘I want to design my room. Which fabrics and color combinations will work best with the rest of my décor?’, and many more...

3D Showroom eliminates the tedious and time-consuming process for exhibiting your products, including arranging for photo shoots, venues, models, etc.

It also eliminates the need for a salesperson to be employed to explain mix-and-match of products as the customers can now decide for themselves!

The virtual 3D showroom app helps you overcome the limitations of a physical store, such as storing, retrieving, and displaying.

Don’t leave anything to your customer’s imagination; flaunt your products in the style they bespeak.

This omnichannel virtual room designer is a solution that offers a visual product experience for your customers to design their own living room.

Realistic and Virtual Mapping with Lifelike Creases, Shades and Highlights

Endless Combinations

Custom Product Configurators

Flexible Data

Personalized Marketing

Easy Integration

Concierge Service And


Attract, Engage And Retain Customers

Gain Cost- And Time-Efficiency

Enhance Sales