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StyleME is an Augmented Reality based mix-and-match fashion app for garments that help you to create Virtual Wardrobe beginning by selecting stylish models.

You can choose a model for both, men or women section that best matches your personality and body type. Dress up the models to make a perfect buying decision.

Start dressing with StyleME - My Dressing App.

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Be in vogue, up to date with the newest trends and collections, and make a unique style statement with this mix and match app.

Pick, match, drape, and share your distinctive fashion statement by leveraging this outfit designer app.

You can now decide what to wear with this outfit designer app.

Select Accessories

Want a perfectly styled outfit for you?

With this mix-and-match app, Pick, Choose, and Match a wide range of accessories that suits your outfit and personality perfectly.


Effectively bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds of fashion, StyleMe is a fashion app that helps you visualize different combinations to facilitate your buying decisions.

Experience impeccable rich product visualization with this virtual wardrobe app.

Flaunt your fashion by creating your own outfits!


Consumer Advantage

Bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds of fashion, StyleME is a fashion app that helps you virtually visualize different combinations, and facilitates your buying decisions.

Pick, Match, Drape, and Share your distinctive fashion statement – all this without leaving the comfort of your home or office, and for free with this mix-and-match app!

Experience impeccable rich product visualization with this virtual wardrobe app.

Retailer Advantage

Deliver an unparalleled shopping experience to your customers with Tryon Jewellery.

This virtual fashion app lets you achieve enhanced customer engagement, and give them the unique privilege of trying apparels, mix-and-match options & make an easy purchase. 

Enthrall your customers by allowing them to virtually drape apparels and fabrics to make smart buying decisions.

The wide range of app features lets the customer solve their dilemmas such as making own outfit and deciding what to wear, thereby keeping customers happy and satisfied.

Rich Product Visual Experience

Enhanced Customer Engagement, Increased Sales

Cost-Effective Time-Based Packages

Cloud Database Technology, Unlimited Products Catalogue

High-Level Customisation And Branding Of E-Catalogue

Shortest Integration Time – In Just Few Hours And Not Months

Maximum Product Trail Facility In Less Time

Powerful Backend Admin Panel To Help You Fully Maintain Without External Help

Social Sharing, Review-And-Rate Features

Tryon Jewellery, tab version for Mix & Match